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London Calling

This September, I was lucky enough to attend the first ever Big London Tattoo Show.

Some of you may know that there used to be a fantastic tattoo convention at Tobacco Docks, which sadly closed it’s doors in 2019. The organisers of this new show were really aware that they wanted to create something new- not a replacement for the old show, and I think they did a great job. There was a great combination of artists, exhibitions, live shows and even a classic car exhibit.

The show took place at the Excel - the venue was absolutely huge! Which meant that we all got nice spacious booth within which to work. (Me more than many as my neighbour never turned up!) I had a range of prints, hand painted originals and pin badges for sale, as well as lots and lots of flash.

I was lucky enough to be fully booked all weekend with walk ins. There is something so special about being chosen out of literally hundreds of other artists to do work on people - so I want to thank each and every person who got tattooed by me on that weekend. I got to tattoo a good range of pieces. Some big, some small, some colour and some dot work. I should also give a big shout out to every person I roped into being my lighting crew so I could get half decent photos - you guys made a world of difference.

I was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to even leave my booth to have a look around! And I think I picked up one single sticker from my lovely booth mate @angelicatattoo (check out their work on instagram). Conventions have been such a big winner for me this year I have been run off my feet ands this was a great way to finish off the circuit for 2022. See you next year London!

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