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Having a Blast in Bristol

I have been thinking about writing a blog for a while now - but I really wanted to start with an overview of my travels last year before starting more in depth, individual posts. However, it soon became clear that my (suspected ND) brain wasn't going to let me do that without a great deal of trouble - so here I am, starting as I mean to go on - with a post about my latest guest spot at the amazing Long Fox, Bristol. (@longfoxbristol)


Really good question actually. Turns out it was a character the owners Barbie and Iain developed in their previous lives as mural artists. When they decided to open this delightful place, it seemed the obvious choice for the name. Nestled in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Bristol, and surrounded by a beautiful garden (complete with fish pond, fire pit and water features), this is easily the most beautiful tattoo shop I have visited so far on my travels.

You won't be able to find this shop on Google either - Long Fox is purposefully secretive about their address, and it only given to customers once they have paid their deposits. But rather than making this place feel exclusionary, it makes it feel special. An added adventure to the already exciting event of getting a tattoo!


I was lucky enough to be fully booked whilst visiting, and go to create a great mixture of first tattoos, colour and dotwork pieces.

I want to personally thank every single customer who got tattooed by me whilst in Bristol. I know that times are incredibly hard for everyone at the moment - so from the bottom of my little creative heart - know that I am forever grateful.

I also wanted to make a special mention for the shop manager at Long Fox, talented painter - Emily Seffar (@emilyseffarartist) for not only making me feel so welcome, making a mean cup of tea, her fabulous positive energy and playing some banging tunes (well, we can thank her sister for the spotify curation actually) - but for painting me the most beautiful, special memento of my time in the van. ( Thanks also to Iain and Barbie for commissioning it for me). It is truly something I will treasure forever.

Being so busy meant that I didn't get time to see much of Bristol. But what little I did see warrants further exploration . Bristol has a buzz about it - there is always something going on - whether it is live music, independent art exhibitions or street food. I will definitely be back!

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