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I work out of St Clairs Tattoo in Portabello, Edinburgh.

You can also find me regularly with the team at The Gold Room in Leeds.

Art has always been a passion of mine, creativity is in my blood.

I first fell in love with tattooing when I was a little girl, designing my first ever tattoo during a school exam - I waited 5 years and got it tattooed on me the day I turned 18. During the years I found myself going down a different creative path, studying Embroidery at university, and setting up my first business - 'Guerilla Embroidery' upon graduation. For years I worked in and around the creative industries: I am a fully qualified art teacher, I ran community outreach programmes and made and designed carnival costumes, among other things.

My journey into tattooing began in 2013 - when I was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship under Rob Ratcliffe of Border Rose Tattoo. He changed my life and I am eternally grateful.

I am deeply passionate about the art of tattooing and I am a keen collector myself, having travelled all over the world to get tattooed. 

I love the transformative power of tattoos - it is my aim to help you love your body through decoration.

Subject matter wise I am particularly interested in depictions of the natural world, and specifically botanical illustrations, however I firmly believe that it is my job to realise your ideas - so any subject matter will be considered. If you would like to talk further about getting tattooed, please use the button below to fill out my contact form. 

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